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Culvert Installation

Apollo Asphalt Bendigo can organise your culvert installation.
We will design your project to conform to council standards, obtain the correct permits, locate your underground utilities and carry out the work.
Culverts come in many shapes and sizes. They may be a pipe or box culvert, plastic or concrete and they may require end walls. Environmental factors such as the weight of traffic, water volume and rural or urban location dictate many of these design features.
One optional feature is the surface of the driveway. We can offer driveways made of bluestone crushed rock, decorative gravel and asphalt.
Call us on 
0422 215 162 to organise an assessment or have a look in our online gallery to view our previous work.

Horizontal shot of a culvert and drainage ditch under construction.  _Drainage ditch pipe
Drainage pipe_ New culvert under small country side gravel road .jpg
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