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Line marking of a pedestrian crossing in a car park.

Carpark Line Marking

At Apollo Asphalt we are committed to providing you with a professional experience as well as a quality product. From crisp new carpark lines to precise sport court marking, we offer a solution for your needs. We use quality materials and modern equipment to ensure accurate and durable lines.

Why Choose Us


When dealing with us communication will be easy, we will coordinate with you in the planning stage and we will carry out the job without impeding your operations.

Quality Assurance

We use high quality paint and materials, ensuring durability and visibility for years to come. We use glass beads in our paint to make our lines reflective during night and low light weather.


We can create new line marking layouts or advise you on designs that will meet your requirements. Things to consider will be the type of traffic, volume of traffic, direction of traffic, available space and your own niche requirements.


We offer competitive pricing that gives you great value for your investment.

Click on our pricing page to view our price guide or click on our gallery to view photos of our previous jobs.

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